Panicarian Supreme Convention PHILLY salutes Icarian Independence and The Feast day of Agia Marina

In Philadelphia, we celebrate Liberty every day and especially today. Today we celebrate the dual holiday of July 17, 1912.

This is the day of Icarian Independence  when the Icarians expelled the Turkish garrison and thereby achieved independence. George N. Spanos (c. 1872–1912) of Evdilos, killed in a Turkish ambush on 17 July 1912, is honored as the hero of the Icarian Revolution. 

On 18 July 1912, the Free State of Icaria was declared. The neighboring islands of FournoiKorseon were also liberated and became part of the Free State. Ioannis Malachias  was the first and only president of the Free State of Icaria. For five months, it remained an independent country, with its own government, armed forces, national flag, coat of arms, postage stamps. and national anthem.  On 4 November 1912, after a delay due to the Balkan Wars, Icaria officially became part of the Kingdom of Greece.  

It is also the Feast Day of Agia Marina. The martyr was cruelly tortured because  she refused to bow and reject her faith.  The day is set in Ikaria as a day of celebration with local, national and military leaders commemorating the Icarians that led the charge to freedom.

In the midst of panagiri season, the Feastday of Agia Marina is commemorated in  Agios Kirikios, Katafigi and Arethousa  with celebrations on this special day.

The PanΙcarian Brotherhood traces its formation to 1903.  We celebrate our ancestry and those whose shoulders we stand upon at our very famous conventions, known by many as the world’s largest family reunion. The 120th Anniversary Supreme Convention of the Pan Icarian Brotherhood in Philadelphia is upon us and there are ONLY 2 weeks left for room reservations and the room block is almost sold out!

We convene to reacquaint, to recharge, to assist future generations have a better life both here and in Ikaria and continue the celebration with our convention dances reminiscent of our world renown panagiria. 

Join The Fun, Celebrate Ikaria, Celebrate your heritage, Celebrate the Pan Icarian Brotherhood

The Guaranteed $189 Convention Rate Ends July 31st and the block is almost SOLD OUT-Reserving rooms afterwards will cost you more!

Here you can reserve rooms

Log Onto the ikariaphilly website now for rooms and to reserve a place at all of the events ATHERAS Chapter has waiting for you. (you can see also here)

Join the Largest Panagiria in the Americas, this time in Philadelphia where we celebrate all night long with your family and your friends.

Kai tou chronou  and CHRONIA POLLA to all Marinas and Marinos!


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