The message of the president of Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America for August 2017


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I just returned from Ikaria and bring greetings from our fellow Ikarians. The summer months in Ikaria once again showed signs of increased tourism. The Island was busting from its seams, especially in August. That said, the need to support the Island is still critical as the Greek government has stopped funding many programs and projects. The local government and residents are struggling to find ways to cover expenses and fund new projects. I have assured our Brothers and Sisters in Ikaria that the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America will always stand by their sides in times of need. Much gratitude was expressed for our continued commitment and efforts to help the Island out. More details of my trip and encounters will be discussed at the upcoming convention in Columbus, Ohio. I hope to see everyone there!

I want to extend a big congratulation to the Akron and Columbus chapters for their diligent work on organizing what is sure to be a great convention. Please note that the convention hotels are currently sold out. Rooms are at a premium, so if you have a room on hold but do not plan on using it, please contact Chairwoman Lia Spithas so that she can transfer those reservations over to fellow Ikarians who are looking to attend.

Lastly, while I know Columbus will offer many venues for you to explore, if you are a delegate please make sure to attend some of the meetings. Participating as a delegate allows you to chime in on whatever topic you deem important and to have a voice in key decisions of the Brotherhood, including planning and initiatives for the upcoming year. And chapters, please make sure you submit your per capita before the convention officially begins.

I look forward to seeing you next week at the Convention!

Fraternally yours,

George Paralemos

Supreme President

Pan Icarian Brotherhood

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