Industry unions present proposals to reduce energy costs

Nine industry unions, in a letter sent to the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Friday, presented a series of proposals aimed to reduce energy costs in the industrial sector.

Industry unions present proposals to reduce energy costs

The industry unions acknowledged the efforts made so far, but noted that the intensity of the energy crisis is creating an unprecedented existential crisis to enterprises throughout the European Union. They also criticized the European leadership for not adopting an aggressive support policy and for insisting on punitive policies that directly threatened the viability and competitiveness of the domestic (energy consuming) industry, in contrast to their climate goals.

The proposals include changing the support model with setting a final price-target and adjusting subsidies to achieve this. Also, lifting hurdles to promote bilateral purchase power agreements, facilitating the installation of renewable energy sources, secure EU funding for projects in renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. The industry also asks for upgrading infrastructure, better quality of the electricity grid and ensuring energy space for new connections of renewable energy sources.

The industry acknowledged the constant effort of the state to smooth the consequences of the energy crisis on enterprises.



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