Maestro in Blue: Christopher Papakaliatis in America

The mini-series “Maestro in Blue”, by Greek actor, director and screen writer Christopher Papakaliatis, has been very warmly received by Netflix users around the world since its recent debut on the global media streaming service.

Maestro in Blue: Christopher Papakaliatis in America

In fact, the Greek-language production placed in Netflix’s top 10 choices in the period after its opening.

The momentum of Maestro, the series that MEGA invested in, was evident from the very first episode. The adoration from the television audience fully justified the channel and of course the creator of the series.

«It’s the hardest job I’ve ever done. If I didn’t have the support from MEGA Channel and the invitation from the president of the Channel who told me ‘do whatever you want freely’, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.

I did it thanks to the freedom that MEGA gave me to move as I want. A job of such demands could not have been done otherwise,» said Christoforos Papakaliatis, expressing his gratitude to MEGA.

The rave reviews for MEGA’s series turned out to be no exaggeration with Netflix singling it out as a gem and adding it to the platform. The first Greek series to do so in history.

On the occasion of the series’ world premiere on the platform and its success, Netflix co-CEO and chief content officer Ted Sarandos invited Papakaliatis to a reception in Los Angeles. A coterie of some of Hollywood’s best-known Greek-origin stars, such as John Stamos, Nia Vardalos and Maria Menounos, were also on hand. Αnd of course the MEGA family is proud.

Taking to his Instagram account afterwards, the director and creator of “Maestro in Blue” posted images from the dinner, where the menu included Grecian fare! He also accompanied the pics with his profound gratitude for the series’ “journey” around the world via the Netflix platform.

Maestro in Blue eighth in the Netflix ranking

According to figures by Flixpatrol for Sunday, March 19, the Greek series was in the top 10, reaching eighth place, in fact. It reached sixth place on Netflix’s Italy platform; fifth place for Turkey and fourth for Malta.

Glowing comments for «Maestro in Blue” by viewers praised the plot and script, as well as cast performances, the soundtrack and cinematic excellence of the series.

“Maestro in Blue” debuted on the international platform of Netflix on March 17.

Additionally, Haris Alexiou’s song, «Prayer», received positive comments by viewers.

Still others said they now want to move to a Greek island, after watching scenes from the northern Ionian Island of Paxos, where much of the mini-series was shot.


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